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Taking care of your largest organ – Your skin

What are common skin problems: Viral, fungal and bacterial infections such as shingles, athlete’s foot and cellulitis are commonly treated […]
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COVID-19 and Influenza. When viruses collide

As we head into flu season, there is a real possibility we will have to deal with both illnesses at […]
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What is Anemia? Understanding its causes and treatments

Anemia is a blood disorder that develops when your body does not have enough properly functioning red blood cells. Nutritional […]
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Brain Fitness – As you age, your brain also needs activity to keep it young

Here are four ways to spark your brain to keep it sharp and fit for many years. Reading is good […]
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Spring Allergies…Here they come!

Are you familiar with the annoying symptoms that appear along with the blooming flowers.  Seasonal allergies, often referred to as […]
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Symptoms of CoVid19

Day 1 – 3 The symptoms are almost equal to a cold Slight throat pain No fever, no tiredness. You […]
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Important information on Sundowning

As we grow older, our bodies and minds may not operate at the same speed & efficiency as it once […]
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Can’t find Hand Sanitizer in the store… You can make your own!

Hand sanitizer is flying off shelves because of concerns over the coronavirus, but if you can’t find the substance at […]
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  The World Health Organization has declared the novel coronavirus a global health emergency; however, the B.C. Provincial Health Officer […]
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Understanding our three different stages of sleep… REM and NREM

We’ve all had the experience of sleeping at a relative’s house where the heat is stifling or staying in a […]
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