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Brain Fitness – As you age, your brain also needs activity to keep it young

Here are four ways to spark your brain to keep it sharp and fit for many years.

Reading is good for the brain

Reading is a complex activity that lights up several brain processes at dazzling speed. In-depth reading stimulates the brain to think, focus and analyze. It helps people’s brain process information both verbally and visually. Studies indicate that reading just 30 minutes a day boosts memory because it uses many parts of the brain.

Music is fun and stimulating

The benefits of musical training extend beyond self-expression and creativity. Learning to play a game or music increases brain stimulation and helps with mood and quality of life in older adults. Learning a new language may help to build and preserve neural pathways.

Sit up straight for a better mood

Ever notice how a slouched posture makes you feel gloomy? An upright sitting posture helps recall positive memories, whereas a slumped-over position makes it easier to bring up gloomy ones, thereby increasing depression levels.  Sitting upright also increases lung capacity.

The brain loves art

Whether it’s looking at or creating it, the brain loves art. Art production improves psychological resilience and supports effective interaction between brain regions associated with memory introspection and empathy.

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