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Lupus – Understanding this mysterious condition

Lupus is a chronic disease that can affect any tissue or organ in the body. Although, anyone can get lupus, […]
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Kidney Stones – Insight to understand this common condition.

What are kidney stones? The kidneys are bean-shaped organs found above the waist; one on the left side of the […]
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Vaccines – Not just for kids, grown-ups need them too!

Vaccines are the most effective way to protect against serious, and sometimes deadly, vaccine-preventable diseases.  Most people know that children […]
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Vertigo – Did you know… Vertigo sufferers may experience ringing in the ears and feeling sick to your stomach.  These […]
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Vaccinations for Pneumonia: Pneumovax 23 vs. Prevnar 13

  Before we start, let’s clear up the confusion between the FDA and the CFIA The U.S. Food and Drug […]
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Challenges and Solutions for Psoriasis Sufferers

What is Psoriasis? Psoriasis is a chronic (long lasting) non-contagious, inflammatory skin condition. Normally new skin cell “replace” the old […]
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Recognizing Alzheimer’s

By 2031 there will be a projected 1.4 million Canadians living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The number has been […]
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