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Medication Safety – Tips for Older Adults

Age-related challenges like memory loss or poor eyesight can make it even harder to follow instructions on how to best take medications.  The majority of seniors are prescribed five or more prescription medications.  Taking more medications increases the risk of mix-ups, unwanted side effects and drug interactions.  Most people feel vitamins and supplements are safe to take, however combining some supplements and medications can have serious interactions. For example; Saint John’s Wort and Ativan, can result in death.

Tips for safe medication use:

  • Keep a current list of all the prescription and non-prescription medications you use.
  • Fill all your prescriptions at the same pharmacy.
  • Complete a medication review with your pharmacist.
  • Consider getting your medication dispensed as a blister pack.
  • Consult with your physician when deciding to add a vitamin or supplement to your daily routine.

As you grow older, taking medications appropriately can help you live a longer more active life!

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